Because the Harold Alfond College Challenge is both conceived and implemented as a birth-to-college program, education partnerships are critical to our efforts.

An integral part of our program model relates to educational messaging and, in particular, improved financial literacy. We are excited to work with Maine educators to reinforce the messages they regularly provide to students and families about the value and importance of education. Part of how we do that is by marrying the “money with the message” in the form of quarterly financial summaries which families receive. These summaries not only show how the $500 investment is doing, they also share educational messages around four main content areas: Literacy, Science & Math, Health and Finances

Before we know it, the babies we support with this $500 grant will be enrolled in Kindergarten…and then middle school…and then high school. Some of the early participants in the program are in school already! We are excited to build partnerships with Maine educators to support student aspirations and readiness for college.